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About Us

kiev airport transferGeetnjali Astro gives an Expert Vedic Scholar an inane power to pen down the roadmap (read forecast) to one’s life. This wonder Science can be put to the best use for the mankind. It can ably help individuals lead a healthy and peaceful co – existence with the nature. It is this power of the Vedic Astrology that Pt. Rajendra Panday has been extending to its users since the last two decades.

He has helped numerous people to overcome their difficulties, find recourse to their problems and lead a happy life. Until this time our approach was more local in nature, with the digital world revolutionising every bit bit of our life, we also thought to go digital. Geetanjali Astro has been created with the intent and desire so that we can reach out to you in every part of the nation. We would be more than pleased to help you as well!

For a company, astrology is there to help you better know or understand your colleagues, their personalities, their way of seeing things and their strengths. Astrology is here to help you form a winning team, the right player in the right place. Identify action people, directors, communicators, innovators.

Geetanjali Astro is based out of Delhi and Ghaziabad.

Horoscopes can help you to better understand yourself and give you some indication about your future. Contact us to get online personalized horoscope guidance from our astrologers.

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Kundli is an astrological chart which shows the exact position of heavenly bodies and planets at a particular time. Janam Kundli or Horoscope is a similar astrological chart that is constructed by Vedic astrologers


Education is foundation stone of one’s life. It is one of those crucial factors that shape the entire course of life. The quality of education has the power to make or break a person.

Love & Relationship

Taking you the furthest into your future. Crystal energy readings can produce dates and names and other detailed information about your future.


In today’s competitive world, a strong financial position is not just a luxury but a necessity in order to survive and keep growing. Financial security is a must not only for the well-being of an individual, but also for those who are related to him/her like one’s spouse, children and entire family.


It is said that health is the real wealth. If you are not fit and healthy, luxuries and other worldly assets are worthless. In old times, astrology and medical science i.e. Ayurveda were completely entangled with each other.


When it comes to career and business, everybody seems to be pursuing success. And success is very often equated with wealth, stability, growth, prospects. But there are times when you witness huge loss, instability, or stagnancy in growth.

Match Making

It is said that marriages are made in heaven. But are you sure that the one you want to spend your life with or already spending your life with is the special one made for you? It is in your hands to find out whether he or she is the one destined for you i.e. whether you are choosing Mr. Right or Ms. Right for yourself or not.


Everyone dreams of owning property. However, is it possible that everyone be lucky, when it comes to owning and earning good returns in property deals? Vedic astrology can help us know whether buying property is possible on the basis of reflections in one’s Horoscope


It can also be said that court and litigation cases have also become a part of our lives adding to the accumulated stress and tension. Whenever that we are involved in a case, there are always two possibilities of outcomes from going through it; either we can win or we can lose.


Many people want to know about their palm lines in order to better understand themselves. These are good intentions, because we can then live happier, more productive lives, which will in turn improve the lives of those around us.